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As a long time MST3K fan this bit of fanfiction has always been in my brain.

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Someone mentioned Erik sounds very giddy after being hit

It is just one punch and I have 20 fanart ideas what the hell is wrong with me oops but I’ll stop torturing people and only post 2 of them. ;D

Senpai noticed me!


For those who want to know how Charles is walking in DoFP, please click on this link to read the interview with Simon Kinberg! I’ve linked it because of potential spoilers. Please go forth at your own risk!

Thanks sheisstrangerthanfiction for letting me know and sending me on a search for the source of your wonderful knowledge XD


COLLIDER: “…is there any thought to any more stand-alone character movies?”

Kinberg: “…you could follow Raven, you could follow Charles or Erik in their own movie, there are a lot of possibilities.”




Oh goddammit did he say “or”???

SCREW THAT MAKE A CHARLES AND ERIK MOVIE *thrashes, froths at mouth*





new head canon because of Magneto’s prison outfit in the Days Of Future Past trailer: Charles always finds where the Government has imprisoned Erik by following a trail of velcro orders.


do you think to avoid the problem of nails in furniture they ordered a bunch of those plastic hand chairs and bean bags?

what am i talking about of course they did.

i keep getting distracted by how perfectly groomed/clean cut he is. i wonder how they shave him/let him shave.

Poor Erik, they gave him a plastic Flowbee and some Nair.


Any XMFC’ers want to have a smallish impromptu XMFC Does MST thing tomorrow or Sunday? It’s been one of those weeks and it would be great just to hang out and watch a guy and a robot making fun of bad movies.

(For new people: XMFC Does MST is a periodic thing we do were we set up a TogetherTube room and watch episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Sometimes we watch other things, like the 90s X-Men cartoons and campy movies. And the entire time we talk and quote riffs at each other and try to come up with XMFC AUs based on whatever we’re watching. It’s lots of fun!) 



OTP challenge: 17 - Spooning

Warm Cherik, Sleepy Cherik~ ♪

Please don’t repost ♥ Thank you!

Ooooooooh my heart ♥ This makes me so happy.


There’s been this one idea I’ve had for a while that I would love to turn into fic, but don’t really have a plot for. Basically, it’s a role reversal type AU thing where Erik is in some sort of accident and needs a wheelchair afterward, and he’s really angry and bitter and basically only sticking around for his mom’s sake at this point. And it’s a powered AU and one of the things he’s mad about is that when he had all his surgeries and they put all that hardware into his back, no one asked him if he might not prefer being able to actually feel it with his powers, and anyway, all that stuff is made out of some sort of synthetic instead of metal like he would have wanted if anyone had asked him, and it really pisses him off. And basically everything really pisses him off. And tbh I’m not really sure how this resolves, or what else is going on, or what’s going on with Charles, or anything else, but.

This sounds amazing.

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Villains with tragic backstories



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The boy with the heart on his sleeve has updated! New chapter: Like liquid falling is now up at AO3.


Anger bubbles up in Erik’s chest, exactly where he doesn’t want it to be. From there it’s a volatile thing that can spread to his fists or consume his head in a wash of red. Multnomah is supposed to be a safe place; cool, green, and humid. He focuses on the roar of the falls and breathes deep, wills it to enter his chest with every inhale to extinguish the growing heat. The scent of dark earth and rich vegetation passes through his nose on the way to his lungs. In his mind’s eye, he buries the fire with moist earth and covers it in sheets of moss.

Erik turns away from a wary-looking Charles for a break in the intensity. Facing back up the trail he says, “We’ll stop on the bridge to check on your feet; should be enough wear to identify trouble spots and it’ll give you time to take in the view. I’ve got moleskin in my pack.”

“This is just like that night when Raven and I picnicked in the rain,” Charles says from behind. “I didn’t pretend you weren’t angry or violent then, Erik, and I won’t start now.”

Erik snorts softly but doesn’t look back. “I never asked you to.”


While I’m reccing, I recently reread a story that imo didn’t get near enough love:

Stage Left, Moira/Erik/Charles. Fantastic fusion with Phantom of the Opera, powered, with Moira in Christine’s role (but decidedly not like Christine), Charles in Raoul’s position, and Erik in Erik’s. But of course Erik’s secret is different, and shared with half the company of the opera; and the love triangle resolves in a much more satisfactory fashion. Such a good, fun read.

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