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!!! Thank you for that ficlet! Don't want you bombard you with questions, but I was curious about the school thing. Is concordance something only taught in college? Would Alex have that opportunity? With all of Armando's confidence and Alex's hesitancy how does the bond help with their initial interactions? How was Alex introduced to the other people whom Armando tells Charles he trusts? How long before Armando was comfortable sharing him with anyone? What was Armando's family's reaction?
codenamecesare codenamecesare Said:

You’re welcome :-) Concordance is taught in high school too, but the quality of HS concordance education varies dramatically (like sex ed in our world.) Alex has likely taken some concordance classes, but they mostly taught that a sub should wait until eir dominant claims em, and learn everything from eir dom. Also, truancy was among Alex’s problems, so if there was more to it, he probably missed it.

"With all of Armando’s confidence and Alex’s hesitancy how does the bond help with their initial interactions?"

A lot! Alex is able to trust Armando right away because of their bond. Feeling that Armando loves him makes Alex much more secure. Actually, it’s a surprise to Armando that Alex is surly and bad-tempered to most other people, because with Armando, Alex is usualy sweet and nervous and eager to please. Alex has spent a lot of time worried that his ability might go off if he’s startled or threatened, which stresses him out and makes him defensive and avoidant. So at first it takes time and patience and usually Armando acting as a buffer to get Alex comfortable with new people. Charles gets a bit of shortcut because he meets Alex with the purpose of helping him control his ability, and once they make some headway, Alex is happier and drops some of his defenses. Also, because Charles has so many connections among the mutant community, he helps reunite Alex and Scott.

Alex and Armando were exclusive for the first year or so. They first brought in a third when Alex wanted to try formal training, but it didn’t go well; Alex has a hard time with authority figures, so the training approach bombs. (Armando, being near-infinitely versatile, could learn how to do formal training for Alex, but emotionally he resists the idea because formal training generally involves finding a sub’s breaking points.) They end up scening a lot with Charles partly because he’s familiar with the kind of training Alex is after, but he doesn’t come across as an authority figure.

Armando’s family is very supportive, and they love Alex. :-)

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