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aargghhh i need to fix my LJ account ASAP! It had been hacked since last two weeks,
i wanna claim at least one prompt~!!!XD

Signal boost!!

Because I forgot to post it last night.

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    OOo this sounds like so much fun!! *stares at claims page*
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    Heads up, followers! Go check this out! ETA: Just signed up. :D
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    Signal boost! Nekosmuse is gonna kick my ass for the claim I made XD
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    I reeeeeeaaaaaally want to do this and my first thought was to use a Maori myth but none of them really fit. Someone...
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    Yes! Signal boost just in case! I already claimed mine too :)
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    It’s fairly relaxed around here, Relena, and it looks like this particular event is more relaxed than most. It’s not one...
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    I’m in. How do I fandom, guise?
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    Wheee~ Excited for this!! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with *u* I’ve claimed mine already, so signal...
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    Can’t wait to read/watch/see everyone’s! Unfortunately I will be sitting it out, partly because I don’t want a deadline...
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    Boosting! And claimed mine :)
  14. rozf said: Ooh I’m all for that idea. Also, it’s a tiny challenge.
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    The temptation to write a (racebent!) Jason!Momotaro with Erik as the dog, Charles as the monkey, and Raven as the...
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    Because I forgot to post it last night.
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    Signal boost!!
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