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나는 닥쳐오는 엑데퓨가 두렵다…

This is deep stuff.

I like them both very much, but I especially like the second one, because Erik is still imprisoned, still a child, still unformed, even after the years and the hunt have forced him to grow old….

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Soooo I have been planning a Frozen AU fic with velvetcadence~, these took forever since I get distracted by things easily…

But this fic will have to wait (probably a very long time) since we both have other stuff to be done first akfgahf *throws this into the long list of WIPs*.

Bonus a glimpse of Charles’ coronation painting!


I’m waiting for this prompt to be filled akfhkahdf

I’m so excited already and because Dragon!Erik!!! ***D***

I clicked on the link to the kinkmeme, and the LJ page redirected me to an ad for some breast-heaving online MMO. Unbelievable.

…Is anyone still on LJ? WHY?

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for several friends

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OTP Challenge: 13 - Eating icecream

Had more free time today so I made an effort to paint it better haha. Eating icecreams under the sunset ♥

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OTP Challenge: 14 - Genderswapped

Genderswap is one of those tropes I avoid, so I couldn’t draw it. Instead I decided to do species-swap? I don’t know… this is what came out haha

The lord of the oceans and the king of the lands~

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You are just too good to be true.Can’t take my eyes off you. At long last love has arrived. And I thank God I’m alive.

Happy White Valentine’s Day<3

Oh my goodness. All the feels. Charles and Erik, and Charles and Erik. And the thing that XMFC!Erik is carrying (a chess board?). And the expression on old!Erik’s face. And both Charleses with their scarves. I am dead and gone of the emotions.


That explains it

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Before anything else, take a bath =3=



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