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Guess what I’m reading for the millionth time I’ll give you a hint it starts with “interview” and ends with arson and child death

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As a long time MST3K fan this bit of fanfiction has always been in my brain.

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Someone mentioned Erik sounds very giddy after being hit

It is just one punch and I have 20 fanart ideas what the hell is wrong with me oops but I’ll stop torturing people and only post 2 of them. ;D

Senpai noticed me!



OTP challenge: 17 - Spooning

Warm Cherik, Sleepy Cherik~ ♪

Please don’t repost ♥ Thank you!

Ooooooooh my heart ♥ This makes me so happy.


2013년 1월 에릭찰스 온리이벤트 온라인 전단지로 협력한 그림.



나는 닥쳐오는 엑데퓨가 두렵다…

This is deep stuff.

I like them both very much, but I especially like the second one, because Erik is still imprisoned, still a child, still unformed, even after the years and the hunt have forced him to grow old….

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Soooo I have been planning a Frozen AU fic with velvetcadence~, these took forever since I get distracted by things easily…

But this fic will have to wait (probably a very long time) since we both have other stuff to be done first akfgahf *throws this into the long list of WIPs*.

Bonus a glimpse of Charles’ coronation painting!


I’m waiting for this prompt to be filled akfhkahdf

I’m so excited already and because Dragon!Erik!!! ***D***

I clicked on the link to the kinkmeme, and the LJ page redirected me to an ad for some breast-heaving online MMO. Unbelievable.

…Is anyone still on LJ? WHY?

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for several friends

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OTP Challenge: 13 - Eating icecream

Had more free time today so I made an effort to paint it better haha. Eating icecreams under the sunset ♥

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