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"Destory everything."

Destory everything.”

*plot vanishes*

*entire movie collapses in on itself*

(via sasheenka)


(via sasheenka)




Holy shit, he’s Thor AND Loki.

And people were upset over Heimdall being black!

Apropos my previous spoilery post about Prometheus

codenamecesare: A lot of creepy and horrible characters become popular. Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger, Jason…

helens78: and then there’s Loki!
helens78: which, IDK if you can go so far as to call him creepy and horrible, but I also don’t love him to the extent fandom does

codenamecesare: to be fair, the Thor movie totally woobied Loki.

helens78: ^_^

codenamecesare: Loki came pre-woobied for fandom’s pleasure.