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"I can’t shoot anyone point blank, let alone my friend!"


He can sure punch the hell out of ‘em, though.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
do you know whether a new kinkmeme will be made for the new x-men movie? or will we just continue with the two xmfc kink memes?
codenamecesare codenamecesare Said:


There already is one, on Dreamwidth! I’m sorry I don’t have a link, but I’m away from my computer. Can someone help?





He covered you with his body… which was a friendly gesture, of course

The tenderness and protectiveness of Erik’s action breaks my heart.

Reminds me of Turtletotem’s indelible tiny fic about this moment.

And how different from that is this DOFP spoiler from the trailer.

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OTP challenge: 17 - Spooning

Warm Cherik, Sleepy Cherik~ ♪

Please don’t repost ♥ Thank you!

Ooooooooh my heart ♥ This makes me so happy.


The boy with the heart on his sleeve has updated! New chapter: Like liquid falling is now up at AO3.


Anger bubbles up in Erik’s chest, exactly where he doesn’t want it to be. From there it’s a volatile thing that can spread to his fists or consume his head in a wash of red. Multnomah is supposed to be a safe place; cool, green, and humid. He focuses on the roar of the falls and breathes deep, wills it to enter his chest with every inhale to extinguish the growing heat. The scent of dark earth and rich vegetation passes through his nose on the way to his lungs. In his mind’s eye, he buries the fire with moist earth and covers it in sheets of moss.

Erik turns away from a wary-looking Charles for a break in the intensity. Facing back up the trail he says, “We’ll stop on the bridge to check on your feet; should be enough wear to identify trouble spots and it’ll give you time to take in the view. I’ve got moleskin in my pack.”

“This is just like that night when Raven and I picnicked in the rain,” Charles says from behind. “I didn’t pretend you weren’t angry or violent then, Erik, and I won’t start now.”

Erik snorts softly but doesn’t look back. “I never asked you to.”


While I’m reccing, I recently reread a story that imo didn’t get near enough love:

Stage Left, Moira/Erik/Charles. Fantastic fusion with Phantom of the Opera, powered, with Moira in Christine’s role (but decidedly not like Christine), Charles in Raoul’s position, and Erik in Erik’s. But of course Erik’s secret is different, and shared with half the company of the opera; and the love triangle resolves in a much more satisfactory fashion. Such a good, fun read.

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2013년 1월 에릭찰스 온리이벤트 온라인 전단지로 협력한 그림.






We’ve been given a second chance.

first of all how DARE you




His ex dumped him over their first major fight and took away half the kids including his long-time favourite (Raven). And now he’s like, let’s get back together. Those eyes say, ‘are you for real’ and ‘you have been paying maintenance obligations in megalomaniac speeches’ ‘at least I got the house’ ‘seriously, Erik’.

What I love is how Charles looks skeptical… at first. But he holds Erik’s gaze and then his expression becomes hopeful ;______; oh Charles ;______________; how am I going to make it through this movie at this level of emotional investment

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Asker keire-ke Asks:
If XMFC ended at a more Captain America note, who'd be frozen and who'd be kidnapped, brainwashed and frozen? What would happen when (if?) they were thawed?
codenamecesare codenamecesare Said:


Oh my god this is an amazing idea. AMAAAAZING.

I have a couple of different scenarios, where Charles and Erik switch places. In both, the Americans and the Soviets come to a deal, after both mutants are neutralized (idk, with tranquilizer guns?): they each get one.  (We’ll say for the sake of argument that Erik gets Azazel to transport everyone else off the beach.)

in the first scenario, the Americans get Charles and the Soviets get Erik. During the collapse of the Soviet Union following the end of the Cold War, the scientists in charge of the installation where Erik’s on ice (and periodically woken up to be experimented on) somehow lose track of him in the chaos and he ends up in the hands of a HYDRA-like “take over the world” organization. Their mental conditioning works especially well on Erik because it meshes so closely with Erik’s desire for control and security—too well because, when he wakes up accidentally, he destroys the unfamiliar place he’s in and escapes. 

Across the globe, the US government hears about the massive amounts of destruction being caused by a rogue mutant. Under pressure from a now-older Hank McCoy, Raven Darkholme, and Moira MacTaggert (granddaughter of the original), and maybe under orders from SHIELD, Nick Fury orders that their asset be woken up. More chaos happens when Charles realizes what’s happening and he determines to go to Russia now to save Erik.

Then there’d be a lot of telepathic stuff and hopefully Charles would be able to remove the conditioning and help Erik remember himself. And there’d be lots of cultural missteps, like Charles realizing his flirting is even less welcome in 2011 than it was in 1963.

The second scenario is basically just the reverse of the first. Only, as you might be able to imagine, brainwashing a telepath would be so much worse. And un-brainwashing a telepath would be nearly impossible. Maybe Erik, after being de-thawed, is living with Raven at the house in Westchester, as she inherited it after Charles was declared dead, and then Moira’s granddaughter shows up one day and simply says “we need your help.”

Erik has no idea what would make them think he owes them anything, but he listens and learns that there have been numerous what can only be described as telepathic attacks on important scientific, cultural, and political figures. At first Erik doesn’t believe it, because this is (or could be) Charles, but then Moira shows him a blurry picture taken on someone’s cell phone and… yeah, it’s him.

Cue finding the anti-telepathy helmet, but the only way Erik can even begin to help Charles once he’s neutralized is to take it off and see if Charles recognizes him or if Charles annihilates him.

…or, depending how estranged they are… if Charles recognizes him and THEN annihilates him.

(It could be post-beach divorce: they gave Bucky a bionic arm, they could give Charles a bionic spine/legs/whatever. Though of course he’d have to give it up when/if he turns back, because the bionics have drugs/bombs/whatever built into them in case his handlers need to neutralize Charles. Erik would have to use his magnetism to stop the mechanisms until Hank could get it all out of Charles.)



나는 닥쳐오는 엑데퓨가 두렵다…

This is deep stuff.

I like them both very much, but I especially like the second one, because Erik is still imprisoned, still a child, still unformed, even after the years and the hunt have forced him to grow old….

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Soooo I have been planning a Frozen AU fic with velvetcadence~, these took forever since I get distracted by things easily…

But this fic will have to wait (probably a very long time) since we both have other stuff to be done first akfgahf *throws this into the long list of WIPs*.

Bonus a glimpse of Charles’ coronation painting!